My Gardens

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I started "real" gardening when I arrived in UK in 1995. My first Garden was in Cambridge, where I made a complete make over and created a new garden from scratch. Here are a few (bad quality) pictures of it.

In 1998, I moved to Edinburgh. The shared garden was pretty large and already established, just in need of weeding and a bit of maintenance. Here are a few pictures of it throughout the 2 years I spend there.

In 2001 I bought my flat in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. One of the reason I was attracted to it was the shared garden which was completely abandoned for at least the past 5 years. Obviously nobody showed great interest in maintaining it. That was the ideal blank canvas for me to create my own garden. Most of these web pages are dedicated to this garden, its making and its evolution with the years.

In spring 2009, I started from scratch in our little front garden: progress of the work here.

The following year, it's the garden is almost already established. I had a wondeful spring bulbs display and a nice early summer one.

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